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S3 Range Carts is proud to support competitive shooters all around the United States. Our ambassador team is constantly giving feedback and helping us elevate our products. In this series, our ambassadors share how they are using the S3 Range Cart. Here’s what Kevin & Ryan from the NJ State Troopers Shooting team had to say:


What’s in Your Cart?

As a Gas Gun competitor, my S3 Range Cart has become a staple of match day and the prep leading up to it. Having the ability to pre-organize all of my gear and stow it the night before gives me peace of mind as I load the truck on the morning of the match that I’m not leaving anything needed behind.

Upper Compartment:

Lift up the custom embroidered seat (the only place I’ll have access to sit at the match) and the top compartment contains my Springfield Prodigy in a soft case (for those stages that require it), eye and ear protection, Vortex Diamondback HD2000 laser range finder, Maven C3 12x50 binoculars, Caldwell Wind Wizard II handheld wind meter, fix-it-sticks tool kit, spare batteries for optics, surveyors tape (for quick reference of wind direction/speed), gun oil, sunscreen, bug spray, Armageddon Gear competition wrist card, markers and handle-mount table.

Front pouch:

4 rifle magazines, 3 pistol magazines.

Lower Compartment:

Down below, I have a Savior Gear Large Loose Sac loaded with 69gr. HPBT Handloads, an Armageddon Gear Game Changer Schmedium waxed canvas support bag, S3 Rain Cover.

Mounted on Sides:

I keep my match rifle, a JP SCI-20 with a Vortex Razor Gen III 1-10 in the S3 Rifle Scabbard and a Molle medicalpouch with chest seals, tourniquet, medical tape, Advil and bandaids. And you can’t forget the decaffeinated tea (can’t be increasing heart rate unnecessarily) and bottled water in the drink holders on the back, all protected by the S3 fenders to keep the water and mud off of everything. I keep my gun belt, an Axl Eclipse with Axl Node pistol and rifle pouches looped around the convenient extension handle. What I wish were mounted or stored: Vortex Viper HD 20-60x85mm spotting scope with 33.5x MIL Reticle Eyepiece and Manfrotto Aluminum tripod with Benro Ball Head.


The S3 Range Cart has completely streamlined my range sessions and match load outs. Previously, I would pull out a folding cart, with a separate gun case, ammo can, folding chair, and range bag. The S3 Range Cart has combined all of those items into one organized, durable, and convenient package.

The Top Compartment:

I keep my shot timer, chalk, eye pro, ear pro, tape, and a 500 rd ammo bag. The mesh panels hold spare batteries and small hand tools.

The Front Pouch

The front pouch holds all of my pistol mags, in color order, of course.

The S3 Molle Side Pouch

This handy pouch holds all of my spare parts and springs.

The Bottom Bag

In the bottom bag are two pistols, the S3 protective rain cover, an umbrella holder, and the cart table, when not in use. The cart table is essential for loading mags in between stages.


My belt rig hangs over the front of the cart via the rig strap. The custom embroidered seat gives me a place to sit while loading mags or watching other shooters. The versatility of the S3 Range Cart cannot be matched.

About The Authors

The New Jersey State Police Shooting Team has been around since the 1920's. Learn more about their history as S3 welcomes them to the ambassador team. Learn more about the team.