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S3 Range Carts is proud to support competitive shooters all around the United States. Our ambassador team is constantly giving feedback and helping us elevate our products. In this series, our ambassadors share how they are using the S3 Range Cart. Here’s what Tim Dunderi had to say:

“Switching to the S3 range cart has been a game-changer! I can pack more ammo and my backup gun and not suffer from the additional weight.”

Bottom Compartment

In the bottom compartment, I can pack both of my competition guns along with 250 rounds of 9mm ammo comfortably. Keeping the heavy stuff in the bottom keeps the cart well-balanced and easy to pull.

Front Mag Holder Pocket

I will usually preload 8 magazines to fill the front mag holder pocket. I keep my eye and ear protection in the "side kick" molle pouch, having their own pouch makes them very easy to find.

Top Compartment

In the top compartment elastic pockets, I keep my AMG shot timer, spare magazines, a small tool set and even a few snacks. I love the mesh zipper pocket in the top compartment, I securely store my Insta 360, a few liquid iv pouches, a couple Ibuprofen, and a Stonebridge gun works SRO cover as well as my wallet in it.

Back Office

When I'm running the match I will attach the "Back Office" molle pouch and fill it with spare pasters, a back up tablet and timer, steel calibration ammo and a few various tools. I love how I can leave it loaded with my match director supplies and just add or remove the pouch as necessary. With all of this in my S3 cart I still have room for odds and ends or for rifle mags and shotgun ammo if I'm shooting 3 gun that weekend.

About The Author

Since 2019, Tim Dunderi has quickly become a USPSA Grand Master in three divisions and leads MAPSA, passionately growing shooting sports in Minnesota. Learn more about Tim.