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Hi! My name is Alyson Battreall, and I compete in SASP, Rimfire Challenge, and Steel Challenge matches.

I like to have all of the essentials at a match, and the S3 Range Cart holds it all.
On a typical match, the bottom compartment will hold my 4in Volquartsen Black Mamba RFPI and my 4in VQ Black Mamba X RFPO with a Trijicon SRO optic in soft cases with 10 magazines. I also keep an extra brick of ammo in this compartment.

In the center magazine compartment, I keep extra pistol and rifle magazines.
In the S3 Side Molle Pouch, I keep two pairs of Walker electronic ears and two pairs of HD Gold glasses. This is an easy-access side pouch on my S3 cart.

Molle side pouch displayed on green S3 Range Cart System

The Back Office is a large pouch on the back of the range cart. I keep multiple hard cases with gun maintenance kits, tools, cleaning supplies, extra ears, and hand warmers for colder matches.

Back Office - Molle dump pouch displayed on the back of S3 Range Cart

The top compartment holds the Four on the Floor Shooting Cart Organizer. This is where I keep all of my “must haves” for any match. This compartment is separated in 4 different sections. I keep hair ties, a brush, Chapstick, baby wipes, Tylenol, Sunscreen, Liquid IV, pickle sunflower seeds, and beef jerky. Next to the Four on the Floor organizer, I keep another hard case with batteries for my optics, bricks of
ammo, waters, and additional snacks.

Shooting Cart Organizer for S3 Range Cart System displayed with cases and shells

On each side of the cart I have a S3 Rifle Scabbard. These hold my VQ Superlight RFRI with a ModShot.

About The Author

Alyson is a business management student and competitive shooter who excels in SASP and Steel Challenge. Learn more about her and her role in team Volquartsen.