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S3 Range Carts is proud to support competitive shooters all around the United States. Our ambassador team is constantly giving feedback and helping us elevate our products. In this series, our ambassadors share how they are using the S3 Range Cart. Here’s what Mat Hall had to say:

Firearms Storage

The cart's design includes a bottom compartment and external straps (to hold boxed items) for securely holding multiple firearms. The compartment is separated from the rest of your gear so everything stays more organized and accessible. in addition, I rest easy as this compartment is protected by lockable zippers and surrounded by the metal cart frame providing safe transport.


The range cart includes large storage areas that easily accommodate multiple boxes/types of ammunition. This means I can carry enough rounds for multiple days of shooting without worrying about running out.

Shooting Accessories

PCC Scabbard displayed on S3 Range Cart
My S3 Range Cart has room for and accommodates all my shooting accessories, including but not limited to earmuffs, shooting glasses, pcc scabbards, an umbrella, spare shooting components, tools, spare magazines, target marking pens, target patches, etc. basically, you can carry whatever you desire, the S3 cart accommodates any shooters no matter what shooting discipline you choose. Having these essentials on hand ensures I'm prepared for any situation.

Cleaning Supplies

Keeping my firearms clean is crucial, and my S3 Range Cart has the ability for me to add several pouches/bags to the outside by means of the molle straps that surround the main bag. This allows for dedicated/organized cleaning supplies, brushes, q-tips, oil, and cleaning solutions to be within reach.

Tools and Spare Parts

The cart features 2 small compartments on the back wall inside the top bag where I keep essential tools and spare parts. This way, if anything needs adjusting or replacing, I'm ready to tackle it on the spot.

Hydration and Snacks

A day at the range can be physically demanding, so the cart includes a space for 2 large water bottles and snacks. Staying hydrated and fueled keeps me focused and energized.


There is enough room under the cart frame to secure my med kit which contains all the essentials in case of an emergency on the range, wound pack, chest seal, tourniquets, gauze, trauma shears, etc.

Comfort and Convenience


S3 Range Cart Table holding magazine and amo
The cart's durable construction, built-in chair (game changer), reloading table, smooth-rolling wheels, and adjustable handle make maneuvering easy, even over rough terrain. Its thoughtful design ensures comfort and convenience during my shooting sessions.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the S3 Range Cart is a game-changer for any shooter looking for a reliable and practical way to transport their gear. It keeps everything organized and easily accessible, allowing me to focus on improving my shooting skills. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting, this range cart is an excellent investment for enhancing your overall range experience.

About The Author

Mat Hall is a seasoned marksman renowned for his precision and tactical prowess in the realm of competitive shooting. Learn more about Mat.