Proudly Made In USA



Protective Rain Cover For S3 Shooting Cart


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Includes Storage Pouch
  • One Size
  • Black Only
  • Made In USA - read our story

None of us like shooting a match in the rain but sometimes you just must suck it up and go for it. The S3 protective rain cover is made from the same fabric we use for air holding devices and is 100% waterproof. All the seams are sewn and bound to hold back all but a long duration down pour. The back of the cover is relieved to fit around the beverage holders and the handle. The zip opening is a little over sized so you can still reach down the front of the cart to get at your mags.

Ships with its own storage pouch and cut to fit S3 Range Carts without fenders. However, if you have fenders on your Zuca cart there are guidelines printed on the inside of the cover that you can cut along with a normal pair of scissors so the cover will fit along the edge of the fenders. The fabric will not fray when cut. Additionally, the fabric can be cut for the PCC Scabbard or Shotgun Sleeve.

Since the cart handle has to pass through the top edge of the cover some moisture break through there so plan accordingly when placing your gear in the cart.