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As the popularity of the S3 Range Cart continues to soar among shooters, an increasing number of them are wondering how they can take it with them while flying to matches. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution for this - the Storm Case iM2975. Not only does it accommodate the S3 Range Cart seamlessly, but it also leaves room for your firearms and other essential gear. Here are four reasons why The Storm Case iM2975 makes flying with your S3 Range Cart easy and hassle-free

  1. We've tried many, and the Storm Case iM2975 emerges as the ultimate travel case for shooters looking for extra protection while transporting their S3 Range Cart. This case boasts nearly perfect interior dimensions, snugly fitting the S3 Range Cart on it's back with about 6" of open space for additional gear. Removing the wheels and beverage holders from the cart's frame and stowing them in the space beneath the deck of the cart, just as they were shipped to you, ensures a secure fit.

  2. Worried about your investments getting damaged during transit? Fear not! The Storm Case iM2975 has proven its worth as a reliable protective case for delicate gear. S3 President, Mike Libertucci, has used this case to travel with diving gear across the globe and his kit has never arrived damaged. Shooters worldwide have used it for various travel purposes, and their gear has consistently arrived intact and unscathed. With reinforced construction and top-notch materials, this case offers unparalleled protection for your S3 Range Cart.

  3. The Storm Case iM2975 doesn't just ensure the safety of your equipment; it also enhances your travel convenience. Equipped with three lifting handles, skate wheels, and a telescoping handle, maneuvering this case through busy airports becomes a breeze. 

  4. You might wonder about the cost of such a versatile and reliable travel case. A quick internet search reveals that the Storm Case iM2975 can be found for an approximate price of $335.95 without interior foam, which is not needed for your S3 Range Cart. Given its quality, durability, and the protection it offers to your valuable shooting gear, this investment is undoubtedly worth every penny.

If you're a competitive shooter planning to attend major matches that require air travel, don't leave your S3 Range Cart behind. With the Storm Case iM2975, you can safely transport your cart while ensuring they reach your destination unscathed. Cut through the chaos of traveling with your gear and embrace a stress-free and enjoyable journey to your next match. While S3 does not offer this case to purchase, you can find it at this link.