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From time to time, we receive inquiries from shooters asking if our S3 bag set will fit the Zuca cart they already own. The short answer is that our bags are designed to fit only the Transit cart correctly. However, some of our accessories may fit other Zuca carts. In this blog, I will explain the differences and compatibilities of our products with other Zuca carts.

Firstly, Zuca has designed a great cart for frisbee golf that has carry-over use in other industries, which is why we selected it as the basis for our range cart system. When we first started working on our designs, we purchased a few styles of Zuca carts, and it quickly became apparent that the Transit cart was the best choice for the largest number of shooters. What made it stand out was its compact size, allowing it to fit in most car trunks, and the tube "shelf" partway up the cart. This shelf provides support for the weight of the contents of our upper range bag. The space below the shelf is also the perfect size for transporting ammo and a pistol in a box or soft case.

The most common previously-owned Zuca cart that shooters have is the Backpacker LG, which is typically used to transport a backpack-style range bag. While this system works well enough, it is not ideal, as the packs are commonly designed to be accessed from the sides. This forces the shooter to remove the pack from the cart to access the kit they need. Our bags come as a set of two: the upper range bag and what we call the Low Rider. The top range bag is structured with stiffeners and foam in three of the walls and the bottom, so it can stand up on its own. The Low Rider hangs from the framework of the cart shelf and is also Velcroed to the bottom of the cart, allowing for easy one-handed operation of the zippers.

You can easily see the difference in size of the two carts in the side-by-side photo, with the Backpacker LG on the left and the Transit on the right.

Now, for those accessories of ours that fit other Zuca cart models. There have been several shooters who have upgraded their cart to our S3 Range Cart and rehomed their previous cart, whether it was a Zuca or something else. While we recommend starting fresh to get the most out of our products, for those of you who prefer the style of Zuca cart you already own, the following S3 accessories are compatible with your cart.

Backpacker LG  Backpacker or All Terrain
Seat Cover       Shotgun Sleeve
PCC Scabbard Umbrella Holder
Shotgun Sleeve  PCC Scabbard
Umbrella Holder  Rifle Scabbard XL (coming soon)
Cart Fenders
Rifle Scabbard XL (coming soon)