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While designing the S3 Range Cart, our biggest goal was to efficiently meet any need you may have while at a match or practicing at the range. We ensured this system is easy to travel with, compliant with USPSA rules, and even considered your hydration. That brings us to the topic of our very first S3 blog - Can You Bring Your Yeti?

S3 President and USPSA Competitor Michael Libertucci was recently asked what size containers the beverage holders on The S3 Range Carts hold. Here's a note on how he stays hydrated at a match:

"The photo (below) shows one black 18oz Yeti Rambler with a 3” diameter and a grey 36 oz. Yeti Rambler at 3.8”. The beverage holders included with our cart are adjustable to fit most size containers well and kept in place. I use one or both, depending on how hot, humid, and long a match day is. For a 10-stage July match, the 36 oz. holds ice water and then I'll have water with electrolytes in the other. If it is really hot, I will reverse that and put the electrolytes in the larger container. During Spring and Fall matches with cooler weather, I only bring the 36 oz. with water and skip the electrolytes. Any brand of insulated drinkware in these (or similar) sizes will work just fine. I suggest looking for a style with a top you can open with dirty hands and not contaminate the drinking spout. You don’t want to mix lead with your electrolytes."

It's no secret that organization and hydration are two ways to minimize stress and enhance clear-mindedness. The S3 Range Cart and its compatible accessories help set you up for success by allowing you to concentrate on your strategy, not your gear.