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Recently one of our customers “E” who is a multi-gun enthusiast wrote to tell us about an issue she was having with her S3 scabbard and shotgun sleeves. When she tipped her cart back to roll to a new location the scabbard and sleeve would slide far enough back on their respective frames that they might fall off.

Taking this seriously we started a deep dive into why this might be happening and what we could do about it. Turns out “E” is not the tallest shooter in her squad and as a result her cart is tipped further back than we would have expected. Gravity being the relentless force that it is took over from there and you can imagine the outcome.

The solution turned out simple enough. If you happen to be having the same experience, we suggest you move the retainer strap supplied with all our scabbard and shotgun sleeves from the rear vertical tube of the cart to the side horizontal tube as close to the front as possible. See the location in the accompanying photo for the new location.

Thank you “E”, for pointing this out to us.