Proudly Made In USA



S3 Micro Fiber Towel / Pistol Cover


It's a towel and it's a pistol cover. We started with a 15" x 18" micro fiber waffle knit towel and added an S3 twist to make it a very versatile addition to your range cart.

To start its just a great towel, wipe your hands, your brow, gun, mags whatever needs a wiping. We then added a strategically located web loop and stitched a pocket in the towel. We provide a stainless steel D ring sewn to a length of double-sided Velcro to wrap around your belt a few inches behind your holster. Hang the towel from the D ring with the supplied carabiner and its always handy and it won't get in your way when running a stage. 

Now for the pistol cover part. Whether its dusty or raining with the towel clipped to the D ring, slide the sewn in pocket over your gun and cut down on the dust or keep the rain drops off your optic right up until the RO says make ready. Great for light rain or drizzle but no it is not water proof so if you’re shooting in a downpour the rain will eventually soak it.

Works equally well for right or left-handed shooters. 

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