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S3 Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer


The S3 gun safe door panel organizer is fully covered with Velcro sensitive fabric to secure a wide range of accessories. Our safe organizer is unique in that you can order it to suit your needs exactly. Order the panel to fit your safe door and then select from a wide range of magazine panels, storage pockets, pistol holders each in an assortment of sizes. All of which can found here.

Here at S3 we didn't stop there. All of the magazine panels can be pulled off the organizer panel when full of magazines and inserted into the front pocket of the S3 Range Cart Gen 3.0. This feature is great for shooters with multiple handguns with different magazines. 

The panels only mount to the inside of safe doors that are covered with a napped fabric that will engage the hook side of Velcro. Safe doors that are lined with steel, wood, or other materials will not hold the panel securely. To confirm if your doors fabric covering will function use any piece of the hook side of Velcro (the wiry side) and press it against the fabric in your safe then pull it off. If it engaged the fabric and it required some effort to remove it then your door is compatible with the S3 range of organizer panels. 

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Three Sizes:

  • Small 15" Wide x 45" Tall (shown in photos)
  • Medium 20" Wide x 45" Tall
  • Large 25" Wide x 45" Tall