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 Marc Schulte

With years of diverse experience in the competitive shooting world, Marc Schulte has honed his skills across various disciplines. Before discovering his passion for practical shooting sports, he dedicated himself to competitive shotgun events and static rifle disciplines. However, it was the dynamic and integrative nature of practical shooting that truly captured his heart.

What excites Marc the most about practical shooting is not just the adrenaline rush of competition, but also the incredible journey it has taken him on. Traveling across the country, he has had the privilege of meeting and competing with a myriad of remarkable individuals. Marc's outgoing and friendly nature means he's never met a stranger – he relishes in conversing with anyone about everything!

Standing tall at 6’9", Marc is easily spotted at the range. If you see him, don't hesitate to come up and say “Hi!” He's always eager to share stories, tips, and a good laugh. As Marc continues to grow with and contribute to the shooting community, he's grateful for the support of S3 who plays a crucial role in my journey.