Proudly Made In USA



S3 Long Gun Rifle Travel Case


  • 1,000 Denier Nylon Exterior
  •  Dense Foam Padding
  • Two sizes
  • Black or Olive Drab 
  • Wide Molle Field
  • Zip Closed Exterior Pocket
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Made In USA - read our story


We have done it again with our twist on your long guns travel case.

The S3 RIFLE CASE brings safety, convenience and efficiently to transporting and handling your long guns at matches and practice. Currently offered in two sizes and colors. The case is designed for your gun to have a close fit while in its S3 SCABBARD. this feature is a game changer for competitive shooters. Park at your match, open your trunk or truck bed, unzip the S3 RIFLE CASE, lift your gun in its S3 scabbard out and slide it onto your S3 Range Cart. Skip the safe table all together and leave your case in your vehicle while complying with the competition rules and safe gun handling.

The S3 Rifle Case features a spartan exterior for those times when you don’t wish to advertise you are transporting a firearm. The wide Molle field offers plenty of room for multiple S3 magazine pouches, or other accessories. High density foam completely encloses your firearm to protect it.  A comfortable grip and shoulder strap make carrying the S3 Rifle Case a breeze and a discreet panel allows displaying your favorite morale patches.

The S3 RIFLE CASE is another integral component in the S3 Range Cart system of storing and transporting your shooting gear to, through, and home from a match or practice.