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For years, women have been the fastest growing demographic of new gun owners. Reasons differ from woman to woman, but there is one recurring theme; empowerment. More and more women are rejecting victimhood and the notion of saviors, whether it be police officers or romantic partners. Women are embracing the fact that their safety and the safety of their families is their responsibility. Consequently, they are purchasing guns.

As the number of female gun owners increases, more and more women are training and so there's a need for female instructors. This is because female instructors provide some unique benefits. First, we're able to create a safe and welcoming environment. Some women who seek training come from situations of domestic violence, abuse and sexual assault, so having an all female class creates a safe place for survivors. Second, we can relate to and advise our students on things like stigma, stature and even gear and attire. Third, seeing us properly execute drills, demonstrates that women are fully capable of not only firearm proficiency but mastery. So women leave class confident that with practice, they can achieve that same expert level of skill.

Firearms proficiency is for all women. I not only encourage single women to get firearms training, but also women in relationships. This is because even the closest couples cannot be together at all times and in those moments we are the most vulnerable. So, it is imperative that we have the tools and skills to defend ourselves. There could also be times when we are with our significant others and they may be sick or injured, and need our protection. They could be the target of the attack and need saving. There are many scenarios, but the sentiment is the same, whether male or female it is our duty to protect ourselves and our families. Moreover, a duo of proficient self-defenders has a better chance of survival than just one person.

The world of female gun ownership extends beyond, self-defense but also sport. More women are shooting competitively and obliterating past misconceptions about their abilities. They’re taking top spots and not just divisional wins. It’s an exciting time to be a woman in shooting sports!

About the Author

Rayna Wright is a competition shooter and firearms instructor based in Dallas. She is dedicated to empowering women, through teaching self-defense, firearm proficiency, and by sharing her expertise to help women ensure their own safety and that of their families. 

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